Based In
Conwy, Wales U.K.

Art on Scarves

Art on Scarves offers these beautiful Cashmere Blend Scarves which are hand printed with the original drawings and designs of North Wales based artist, Lucy Hay.

Lucy is inspired by the beauty of the countryside and the diversity of the wildlife around her.  Lucy’s drawings are a whimsical take on some of her favourite wild animals as well as flowers and trees.

Our best selling designs include the shaggy Highland Cow, the buzzy bees and the family of Hares as well as our Celtic Collection featuring Thistles, Shamrocks, Welsh Ladies and of course, Dragons!

Lucy’s designs are hand printed onto luxurious Cashmere Blend 15 and Cashmere Blend 30 scarves, making them the perfect accessory.

These lovely scarves can be worn tied around the neck as a scarf or draped over the shoulders like a Pashmina style shawl.

Both blends are super soft, incredibly warm, yet can be worn throughout the year.