Based In
Athgarvan, Co. Kildare Ireland

Pure Oskar

Hello and welcome to Pure Oskar. We are a family run, Irish skincare brand specialising in ethical, natural, high-end soaps. 

Thanks for taking the time to find out about us. Our story started with our boy Oskar, who overreacted to mass produced skincare products. 

They either brought on an allergic reaction or caused his skin to become too dry. 

Through hundreds of hours of research we realised that these products contained harmful substances, addictive chemicals and parabens that we didn’t want anywhere near Oskar's skin.

Skin is our largest organ and we found out it absorbs about 60% of what we put on it. Children absorb a huge 90%. Also, incredibly,  over half of us are unaware that the skincare products that we are using contain harmful substances that harm us and our environment.

So we set out to find a way to create truly natural soaps that won’t warm you or the community you live in.

Our soaps are made from pure, natural ingredients and we make them with our very own hands.  We like to live sustainably and have eco-friendly work practices at Pure Oskar.  We also have a strong no waste policy. Our workshop, in Kildare, is a plastic free zone. 

Our no waste policy was a key starting point to our journey. We had some soaps left over from our initial creations. To avoid any waste, we decided to gift them to friends, colleagues and family.

We Care

We believe that our lifestyle choices matter and that as individuals we can make a difference. We also care about other people, their personal well-being, and their way of living.

We are simple folk and like to live in a way that doesn’t harm, either ourselves, those around us or our wider community.  

We Are Responsible

We believe our job is to be informed. It might sound corny, but through very simple changes, we can all really make a difference. So it’s important that we’re all responsible in our own way.  

We love animals, check out our lovely dog Simba on our instagram page @pureoskar.  So, obviously, we do not endorse or carry out any animal testing. All our products are vegan friendly and we only partner with cruelty free suppliers. We donate a percentage of all our sales to local animal welfare charity K.W.W.S.P.C.A.

We Are Trustworthy

We believe it’s important to be honest and accountable in everything that we do.  But when you’re making skincare products for the wider population, that will be absorbed into their bodies- it is even more important. We are ethical and truly work to sustainable practices. From start to finish, we work with natural ingredients and have a zero waste policy.