Reusable Beeswax Wraps - Midi Wrap
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A great all-rounder for wrapping sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, cheese etc. It will also fit around smaller bowls and is perfect for lunch boxes. It makes for a great starter wrap, especially for children. The midi wrap is very versatile and can be used with ease both in your kitchen and in your lunchbox.
Single Pack Contains x 1 Midi wrap 25x25cm
Duo Pack Contains x 2 Midi wrap 25x25cm
Trio Pack Contains x 3 Midi wrap 25x25cm

Hanna’s Bees reusable Irish beeswax wraps are carefully handmade in Cork, Ireland. We use only cotton fabric, Irish beeswax (from our own beehives and other Irish beekeepers), organic jojoba oil and pine resin. Our special blend of wax, resin and oil creates a waterproof and slightly sticky wrap, ideal for replacing cling film and other single use plastics in your kitchen and lunchbox. By switching to beeswax wraps, you will save money, cut down on plastic waste and help save the environment!

Designed In Ireland

Made In Ireland

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