The Irish Mammy Shamrock Wall Art Print | Ireland in Words
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Minimum quantity for "The Irish Mammy Shamrock Wall Art Print | Ireland in Words" is 6.

The Irish Mammy Wall Art Print With Irish Sayings and Phrases your Mammy might say.

It's a bit of fun and a great conversational piece for your home or as a gift.

Have a closer look to see what phrases and sayings you know and if you know what they mean.

Like with all countries here in Ireland we have a few 'quare good' sayings that make sense in the right context, but out of context, well who knows what reply you might just get!!!

Printed on advanced photo glossy paper 250gsm / 300gsm pending on size.

Matted (Mount) is white and untextured.

Print sizing as follows: A6 (4.1"x5.8"), A5 (5.8"x8.3"), A4 (8.3"x11.7"), A3 (11.7"x16.5")

Matting (Mount) sizing as follows: A6 (5"x7"), A5 (8"x10"), A4 (12"x16"), A3 (16"x20")

Postal tube sizing: A6 (2"x9.5"), A5 (2"x9.5"), A4 (2"x9.5"), A3 (2"x13")

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