Beeswax Candles - Slim Pair - Handmade in Ireland
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This beautiful pair of slim hand-rolled beeswax pillar candles burn with a gentle flame and release a sweet and comforting scent of honey and beeswax. They are carefully made in Cork using 100 % pure beeswax in a honeycomb pattern and a braided cotton wick.
Beeswax candles are not only wonderfully rustic and natural, they are also genuinely sustainable and eco-friendly as they are made from a renewable resource. Completely free of perfume and toxins.

Beeswax candles purify the air as they burn, creating a healthier environment by reducing the amount of pollutants in your home while giving off a warm, soothing glow.

Pack contains two candles.

Size 125mm (Height) x 4.5mm (Diameter)

Designed In Ireland

Made In Ireland

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