25ml Wonder Balm
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Wonder Balm is a miracle worker. Our little pot of sunshine acts as a cleanser and/or moisturiser depending on the skin’s condition. It works to repair and restore, leaving the complexion softer, hydrated and with a radiant healthy glow. Formulated to plump, improve elasticity and lock in moisture.

You are here to say goodbye to dry & dehydrated, dull & lifeless, hormonal itchy & oily patchy skin.

Our Wonder Balm is a naturally active, organic plant-based formula developed to soothe skin sensitivities and conditions resulting from the menopause and other hormonal changes.

This organic cleansing balm and moisturiser works to repair and restore, leaving your complexion softer, hydrated and with a radiant, healthy glow.

Each hand-poured jar contains a formula of three beautiful organic plant-based oils, two wonderfully nourishing and antioxidant-packed butters, beeswax for its amazing healing benefits, and an Irish blend of essential oils, specifically chosen for their properties in the fight against ageing and problematic skin.

No hidden toxic ingredients, no animal testing, and no false promises.

Use as a two-in-one process, or simply as a cleansing balm or moisturiser. Whatever your preference, this is an effortless part of your routine that is easy to use and fast-acting; perfect for women on the go.

As a cleanser:

Take a pea-sized amount with clean fingertips and allow the organic cleansing balm to begin to melt from body heat. Apply to the clean, dry area – massaging onto the face and neck, working well into heavy or stubborn make-up such as mascara. Wipe away with a hand hot cloth.

As a moisturiser:

Use day or night, depending on what suits you best. With clean fingertips, take a pea-sized amount and allow the moisturising balm to start to melt from body heat. Apply to the clean, dry area – massaging onto the face and neck. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, then use a jade roller for a truly elevated experience. Leave to absorb and settle deeply.

As a 2-in-1:

Follow the cleansing balm steps above. Once the product is removed, simply reapply as a stay-on organic moisturiser. And voila – a simple, sublime solution that is the best skincare for menopausal and changing skin.

Designed In Ireland

Made In Ireland

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