About Us

About ANAM Craft

Welcome to Anam Craft Marketplace! We’re delighted to have you here. Our mission is to provide the very best wholesale shopping experience for buyers of unique, high-quality authentic Celtic craft goods.

Anam Craft Marketplace: Who We Are

Founders: Ashley Rooney and Isabel Haley

Anam Craft is a New York based company with a combined 23 years of experience buying from, and working with, Celtic brands both in Europe and North America.

Anam Craft Marketplace: What We Do

The role of Anam Craft Marketplace is to provide a platform for authentic Celtic manufacturers to connect successfully with wholesale buyers who want the very best to delight their customers. We vet all parties – manufacturers and buyers alike – and make it simple to make international wholesale purchases online.

Anam Craft Marketplace: What Buyers Can Expect

If you’re here to find fantastic, genuine Celtic goods, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered the best of the best for you. We’re happy to carry many of the brands your customers love to shop for when they visit Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Whether you’re seeking gorgeous jewelry, luxurious hand-made knits and textiles, irresistible beauty & wellness products, gift items, or home décor, you’ll find it here. 

All purchases are made through our safe, secure portal. Once you’ve registered for a buyer’s account and your business has been verified, you’ll be provided with a log in to the site that allows you access to all of the information you need about ordering, shipping, delivery options, and more. 

Anam Craft Marketplace: What Makers Can Expect

If you’re a Celtic manufacturer in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or the US who would like to offer your products on a wholesale basis, you’re warmly invited to apply for membership. We vet all of our vendors to ensure a good shopping experience for everyone. Once you’re approved, you’ll enjoy access to a customizable storefront, the assistance of our friendly and knowledgeable team, and access to a vetted, interested group of wholesale buyers.